Concept Design

Vetter means inspiration to acceleration. We can design with your budget in mind. Concept design is important. We want to understand your idea for your dream car as we move from drawing to driving.

Mike Vetter has been called the “Yes Man.” If you want it, and it can be done, then Mike says “yes!” and brings it to life. From drawing to driving is a business model and a passion you’ll share with Mike.

Imagine drawing a car on a napkin, sketch pad, or seeing something in a Speed Racer cartoon and then driving it every day. We’ll take you from inspiration to acceleration. Client communication is vital to the process. Everything we do starts with design, including color, upholstery, badges, and graphics. We can provide drawings or computer renderings before beginning your build.

Mike Vetter’s original designs have won multiple first place and best of show awards, and his cars have held center stage at media events. Our designs have also appeared on NBC, CNBC, the SPEED CHANNEL, TOP GEAR, The BBC, in Warner Brothers films, music videos, and in garages of professional sports figures and collectors. And at 2021 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.