Car Sourcing

We scour the automotive world for the best foundation to create your dream car. The Vetter Team will locate any vehicle, ranging from new to gently used. We can perform a “res-a-wreck-tion” to find the right materials that allow us to deliver the best quality. We can source a specialty car for you, using our keen eye for detail and experience to find the right deal for your budget.

Like Mike says, “The only way is the right way” when you work with us. Some clients have a donor car or a promise to locate a donor once we have a plan in hand. Our immersive level of collaboration allows you to co-build your car with the Vetter Team. We are happy to build a custom tubular frame from the first piece of metal and fiberglass. Mike loves to turn cars into pieces of road art. We have worked with nearly every auto manufacturer, including GM, Lotus, Porsche, Tesla, BMW, Ferrari, Fisker, Ford, Infinity, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Mercury, Pontiac, Renault, and Toyota.

The Vetter Team performs surgical cuts, or chops, on brand new Boxsters and Mustangs as well as used cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini. We have chopped and stretched Porsche Boxsters to lengthen the wheel base.