The Vetter Moonraker is one of the most unique vehicles created by Mike Vetter. The inspiration with the Moonraker was born from the Vetter ETV and then taken to another level yet.

Everyone who sees the Vetter Moonraker is mesmerized by the elevated center section which was first inspired because there were no other street legal vehicles that existed with this alluring feature.

The Merlot Pearl colored Moonraker (pictured below) is powered by a Porsche Drivetrain, custom chassis, automatic transmission, remote pop gull-wing doors with power windows. The coolest custom seats which flip forward to access the rear storage area. Due to the extreme custom nature of this vehicle’s build process, your options are limitless. Front, mid engine, electric, hybrid or 500 hp allows Mike to say “Yes” and make your dream street legal on a custom built tubular chassis.

Mike says, “the Moonraker is a show-stopper that draws such a crowd it is almost difficult to drive and find a place to park as people approach. But most days, that’s half of the fun!” And outside cameras with on-board in-dash video screens provide the view needed when curious on-lookers approach.