The Vetter ETV is a very popular futuristic “concept” car and is still a head turner 14 years after its launch. The ETV has been built in various colors and donor car platforms to suit the end user and have been delivered to clients in Abu Dhabi, Canada, Germany, London, and the U.S.

Every ETV comes with remote opening scissor doors which feature round power windows. Due to the custom build process the options are only limited by the budget. You can choose any version of the ETV as versions of this model have used gas, hybrid, and full EV powertrains while the interiors thus far have been built in leather, suede, aluminum, and carbon fiber and soon to come Copper.

The front windshield is a massive 4.5 feet wide by 5 feet long is custom made DOT safety glass to specs. Every ETV has outside cameras and two video monitors in the dash to provide plenty of viewing, Although the car is actually very easy to drive because of the huge front window and large side windows.

Lastly if you see the ETV very close to the road or pulling up a ramp in a parking garage it’s because one of the standard features is the air suspension. This allows the ETV to be raised and lowered, which comes in handy for speed bumps and pulling into gas stations.