CNBC called Mike Vetter “the Da Vinci of Vehicles", and with this vehicle he was inspired by a movie car set fifty years in the future. The movie car only saw time on movie sets and in select car shows however Team Vetter built the first street legal version. And several more since. We call our adapted design version, the Vetter Dimensia.

This is an automotive mini mechanical marvel with an impressive wheelbase of 106 inches. But Mike Vetter always makes sure he can fit his 6’2” 190 pound frame be hind the wheel of all his builds.

When you co-build your Dimensia with Mike, wheels and tires can range from 20”-22” and come standard with four wheel anti-lock vented disc brakes,. The first Dimensia was built on a Chevy S10 pick up chassis with the motor in the front. Later models were built utilizing Buick, Porsche, and Toyota donor cars and drive train with a mid engine design. The custom exhaust system is run through the body and a rear motorized wing.

Cameras placed around the car provide a “Birds Eye 360 View” on the in-dashboard video monitors. This one of a kind look is a vehicle to be proud to drive.