The Vetter Boxster GT is the most strikingly awesome Porsche re-body available today. Because numbers and clients don’t lie. More than 30 times clients have turned to Mike and his team for this awesome build.

So how did this creation by Mike Vetter come to exist? Mike Vetter’s lifelong love affair with Porsche dates back to his first car at age 16 in Germany as his dad worked for the DOD. (Department of Defense)

This Vetter Boxster GT exterior fiberglass body will replace the stock Boxster body panels after the donor car is stretched 10 inches. This one of a kind re-body process turns your “ordinary Boxster”(if you want to call it that) into a vehicle that looks like it came with a million dollar sticker price. Mike loves Porsches so his work allows the donor car to maintain the complete stock Boxster leather interior with this new look. Your Gt will retain all Porsche designed airbags for driver/passenger safety as welll. In case you’re unfamiliar to the Boxster’s gorgeous interior know that the GT will still also have the stock gauges, digital AC controls, and of course the radio still displays “Porsche” at startup like when it came from the factory. All of the fine German amenities still live inside of this incredible new look.

Some other Vetter edits to the original Boxster are 20 inch staggered wheels and tires, a custom built motorized rear wing, and push button adjustable front suspension. And to top it off---- you can take the “top off” with a removable targa roof for those incredible weather days when everyone wished they had a convertible.

Mike Vetter’s Boxster GT builds have been featured at the grand opening of a Porsche dealership, because that’s how good it looks, drives, and compliments the slogan “there is no substitute.” One client had his Boxster delivered brand new from the showroom floor to Mike and Team Vetter at MTV Concepts, Inc.(Sebastian, FL) Better believe the first cut on that brand new donor car pained Mike a little, but a few months later the smile on the client’s face made it all ok!