The Zedro is a concept car design not born from the mind of Mike Vetter but by a visionary businessman from Lebanon. Mike and his team at MTV Concepts, Inc. were likely chosen due to their international exposure and success of adapting new body styles to a variety of different donor cars.

The Zedro Notorious was built utilizing an Infiniti G37 donor car. In this case, it was the clients drawing that Mike Vetter used. and it was in Florida where the first three Notorious models could be seen driving. Team Vetter's drawing to driving process is how this dream of starting a car company began.

“It was a pleasure working so closely with Zedro Motors as we refined the assembly and tooling necessary to move production back to Lebanon. After one year of working every day with one of Zedro Motors builders we shipped those first 3 cars and they went from car designer to car builders. Zedros head builder lived here in Florida for that year so he could put his hands on every part of the build.

The Zedro Notorious is an awesome concept where the stock G37 is retained under the exotic new body style. The donor car’s 400 HP, safety airbags, digital AC controls, power seats, existing DOT safety glass with factory push Button start, and more amenities of a late model vehicle make the car a very special unique concept. The headlights and tail lights are a complete custom build

And the unique door design is able to hide the factory door handle and latch. This is an amazing feature to leave stock as the Nissan design works perfectly. Other stock and reused well designed parts include factory hood hinges and the rear trunk has a cool opening design feature. Finally some of my favorite striking effects are the lower side skirts with air intakes set in each side and compliment the 22 inch wheels. And lastly the unique tail lights of the Notorious which can also be seen from the side of the car finish the Zedro off.”