Warner Brothers wanted purple Lamborghinis they could wreck in Suicide Squad,” Mike Vetter says. “I told them I don’t build them anymore because of lawyers, but I was able to show them an alternative car we were building in the shop at the time.

That’s correct! Legendary supercar designer/builder, Mike Vetter didn’t design the Joker’s ride but it was because of Mike’s ability and reliability that the laughing man was able to drive around and terrorize Gotham.

Mike Vetter has been known in the custom car industry for decades with the same phone number since day one. His builds graced the covers of numerous magazines and they called him “Kit Car Mike.” And then supercar manufacturers likely called him “a thorn in their side” and wanted to call him “the Defendant.” All that was avoided with no legal action. But that led to him becoming a “futuristic car designer” and the “Da Vinci of Vehicles.” Mike Vetter likes when people call him the “Yes-Man” because if you can think it or draw he’ll make it so you can drive it. So when Mike’s resume earned him a call from Warner Brothers, he made it happen.

Mike’s attention to detail is like no other so when he showed the film studio pictures and ideas, they rushed out to see his work in person. That same week Warner Brothers Studios ordered three identical cars for the Joker to cruise and rule Gotham City.

During filming, Mike Vetter continually serviced the on-set transportation team, by creating additional custom logo badges and replacement parts which were couriered, same day, from Sebastian(FL) to the set in Toronto.

Some car junkies say the cars were the best part of the movie but Mike disagrees. Wonder what the next movie car Mike Vetter will create- only his NDAs know for sure.