An internationally known athlete wanted a fun-to-drive one-of-a-kind apocalyptic military looking four wheeler able to handle off-road adventures. This time the donor car was a four door Jeep JK and with Mike Vetter’s visionary design skills it was transformed.

This apocalyptic looking Jeep, pictured below, features custom panels of flat steel mesh. This material gives a unique look while replacing the surface of the four doors as well as front and rear grillwork. This design feature creates a true outdoor air flow while giving passengers enough passive protection in case you drop a drink or your cell phone driving down the street.

Additional custom features are the flared fenders, custom hood, custom interior with pilot chairs, iPad controlled stereo system. The contrast colored aircraft rivets and protected coated surface are also part of an indestructible look. The wheels are awesome 7 spoke matte black “Rockstars” also capable of off-roading.